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We have earned a strong reputation worldwide from more than 50 years of sales of our CURELASTOMETER® rubber and resin curemeters. The abundant experience and insights we have gained, combined with our access to the global network, enable us to provide each customer with the right machinery and instrumentation solutions with firm reliability and safety. We also help you to get many years of use out of our products by providing sophisticated technical support and full after-sales service through our dedicated team of maintenance professionals.

CURELASTOMETER® (reg. TM of ENEOS Materials Corporation)


CURELASTOMETER® is one of the world’s first curemeter to feature a rotorless design, now the most popular form of curemetersused by the industry. This product is available in two models, Type R for rubber and Type P for resin. Type R conforms with JIS K 6296-3 and ISO6502-3.

CURELASTOMETER® enables any operator to safely and easily acquire comprehensive data on curing/hardening rate and other behavioral properties to the processing of rubber and thermosetting resin, all in one shot with just a small sample. It is mainly used as a testing instrument in R&D, processability testing, and production line quality control.

TYPE R (for rubber)

Instrument for acquiring comprehensive data on rubber curing. (JIS K 6296-3 & ISO6502-3)

Hardening instrument
TYPE P (for resin)

Instrument for acquiring comprehensive data on hardening properties of thermosetting resin.



Easy testing of carbon black dispersion

A new instrument for evaluating carbon black dispersion by exploiting the electrical properties of rubber. Completely breaking from the conventional approach, this system enables carbon black dispersion testing to be done objectively, qualitatively, simply, and safely. (supported by National Institute of Technology, Kurume College)

Other Instruments

Testers Processors

We deal in a wide range of rubber/resin instruments, including customized models. Also we are an exclusive distributer of Shinto Scientific Co., Ltd. for overseas.

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