President’s Message

Representative Director and President

Shinji Sakamoto

As a member of the ENEOS Group, we precisely serve your needs by leveraging the experience and networks developed over our 60 years

Welcome to the ENEOS Material Trading website.

We became a member of the ENEOS Group on April 1, 2022. While this is a major change for us, at the same time, the market is also undergoing accelerated changes. In addition to the evolution of digital technologies and diversification of customer needs, our corporate activities must also be carried out with proper consideration for the environment.
Under these circumstances, we at ENEOS Material Trading see these changes as opportunities, and aim to be a company that can grow and develop for the future.
First of all, we will evolve our business by utilizing the experience and networks we have developed over our 60 years in the business, centering on our greatest strength, the petrochemical industry.
And, we are firmly committed to helping customers access the products they need. We believe that this includes not only seeking out the right suppliers in our role as a trading company, but also sometimes directly creating the products required. Through the creation of new value for many different stakeholders we strive to make the world a better place.