Synthetic Resins

TPO / TPV High-performance olefinic thermoplastic elastomers featuring superb injection moldability, simplification of the production process, and eco-friendly recyclability. Their weight-reducing performance facilitates the design of cost-saving solutions.
RB ENEOS Materials is the world’s sole manufacturer and supplier of this in-house developed original polymer. Used for a wide range of applications, including vibration-absorbing material for automobiles, melting bags, films, footwear, and resin modifiers.
SBS Styrene-butadiene thermoplastic elastomers that offer vulcanized rubber-like elasticity at room temperature, and high-temperature plasticity that makes them easy to mold.
SIS General-purpose styrene-isoprene-styrene block thermoplastic elastomers that are mainly used for hot-melt adhesives.
DYNARON Hydrogenated polymer with unique molecular structure that was developed using ENEOS Materials’ synthetic rubber polymerization technology. Widely used as resin modifiers. JSRDYNARON consists of 4 types of polymers: HSBR, SEBC, CEBC and SEBS.
ABS / AES / ASA Impact-resistant synthetic resins that also offer superb resistance to heat, chemicals, and cold. Mainly used in electrical and automotive parts.