Emulsions & Latexes

SB latex Endowed with superior chemical and mechanical stability, SB latex is used in applications such as foam rubbers, carpet backing, and adhesion of industrial fibers and rubbers.
Acrylic emulsions Acrylic resins emulsified and dispersed in water. Used for broad array of applications, including coatings and adhesives.
Acrylic foams Foaming materials produced from mechanically foamed acrylic emulsions.
Construction waterproofing Waterproofing materials developed using latex/emulsion water-based compounding technology and polymerization technology.
Polyurethane adhesives By exploiting the microphase-separated structure of polyurethane resins, we are able to create adhesives that are both tough and flexible.
Fiber binders Our polymerization and compounding technologies are used to add functionality to fiber materials.